Dear valued customer, we wishes to inform you about our initiative in combating spam in out Internet Protocol(IP) network to improve the quality of service.

We noticed lately there are number of anti-spam organizations have blacklisted some of our IP address and it was affected our large number of customer due to these spamming activities by a small group of users.As the result, many customers have been unable to send emails from their mail server to companies who might utilize the database from the anti-spam organizations.

Therefore, we are taking immediate action to address this issu,Start from 3rd march 2011, we will blocked OUTBOUND SMTP traffic on port 25 for all outgoing emails from dynamic IP address and only OUTBOUND SMTP traffic from will be allowed.

With the new implementation, the dynamic IP users will need to change the outgoing port to TCP 587 if they have their own mail server located outside of our network or you may use our mail server at as a relay to send out email in our network.

Please be assured that Penangfon is pro-actively taking all possible mesures to ensure that these spamming activities do not reoccur in the future. we seek your kind co-operation to implement the necessary security to protect your computers that are connected to the internet from any e-mail abuse, virus infection, spyware and malicious code.

For further enquiries and assistance, email us at or call us at 04-2911333.