Microsoft Outlook | Outlook Express | Thunderbird | Change Password

  1. PenangFON Webmail

There are two ways, and this is the simplest way to access your PenangFON E-mail. Just follow the easy steps below:

1. Go to the
2. Type in your username
3. Type in your password
4. Click 'Login'.

By Default for the first time your password will be you NIRC or Passport number.

So change according to your preference the new password

You can always change your password by clicking on the following link and follow the instructions as given How to change Password


  2. POP email Services

The other means of obtaining your E-Mail is through the various E-Mail programs available such as Microsoft Outlook, Inbox, Netscape Communicator, Outlook Express, Thunderbird etc. For this, you are required to include your email client configuration with the following settings:

Incoming mail server:

Outgoing mail server:

Do not forget to save these settings. And whenever you login in the future, remember to type in your full username with the domain (example: to gain access into your account.

Please select the appropriate email program that you are using

         Microsoft Outlook                         Outlook Express                              Thunderbird


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