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  How to configure web mail to your Outlook Express?



Choose Outlook Express from Your Computer and choose accounts..

NOTE: * Kindly change your POP3 SMTP Server to for those who subscribe the service in Penang

Then click on add mail.

The Connection Wizard type your name which you have already got from your service provider.

Then you need to enter your E-mail address of yours

Then fill in the POP3 settings..

Then the key information of yours like Account Name and Password you need to provide.

Wow you are done with the configuration congratulations.

Then click on Internet accounts and click on Mail so you can fined if any new mails

Then You have to set the incoming and out going servers as shown in figure..

So you can send or receive the e-mails from PenangFon web mail with Outlook Express.

And Hope You can configure your web mail as well as enjoy the service of web mail

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