Residential Package

Bring your Internet to life with PenangFON. Download music, watch your favourite sports and see the latest movie clips, as well as enjoying all the other benefits of a high speed always-on connection.

No Hidden Charges

  • UNLIMITED 2 Mbps Download/Upload – up to 40 times faster than dial-up
  • No modem required For ETTH
  • No Additional Phone Line Required
  • Reliable always-on connection

Our Pricing For Residential Package

For Non-Landed Properties (Condominiums/Apartments):

Ethernet-To-The-Home Broadband (ETTH)
2 Mbps Upload/Download Unlimited Internet Access

Monthly fee of only RM60.00 for unlimited access @ 2Mbps
2Mbps Download / Upload
3 months deposit
Minimum subscription of 1 year
Speed of service is on best effort basis
One time Service Activation Fee of RM40.00, and Installation Charges _of RM80.00


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